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The PBM-22C is a reloadable .68 caliper paintball mine. Firing 22 paintballs in a 60 degree arc. This mine is tripwire activated or can be combined with one of our remote detonators listed below.

This mine has a 15' deep by 20' wide range. Covering approximately 150 sq. feet, using a single inexpensive .27 caliber nail gun cartridge for it's propellant.

With it's unique, very audible report and large "kill zone" this is the most effective claymore style device you can buy.

Built to last. The PBM-22C land mine is cast from over 1.2 liters of strong 3000 PSI urethane plastic. All working parts are steel or aluminum, the fasteners are zinc or black phosphate plated steel. And our reed valves are punched from tough 3/32" thick 30A durometer neoprene.

We also back our product with a 30 day money back satisfaction guarantee, and a 6 month parts and workmanship guarantee.

Go to PBM-22C on YouTube to see our demo videos.

Note:While paintballs fired will mark past 15 ft.,the maximum effective range is determined by the concentration of paintballs still having a high hit percentage.